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Hi. I'm Shanna.



This is my Story

Living "the dream" left me feeling discontent; constantly thinking there must be something more or something I must be missing. In my mid-thirties and childfree by choice, I had no idea where I fit in. Certainly not with the moms and quickly out-growing the party scene; I was totally floundering...disappearing...and feeling more and more anxiety.

What was I doing wrong?

What the heck is a middle-aged-girl to do?

I felt left out of some big secret and I was lonely. Add to the list aging and ill parents, sputtering hormones, and a lack of interest in my career, I knew something had to give. I'd like to say here that I had a special awakening or a once-in-a-lifetime inspirational moment but the reality was this:

I had an argument with my husband.

I was miserable and trying to blame my misery on everyone and everything around me. In this instance I was blaming him and our party lake lifestyle...after ranting and crying about how unhappy I was, and the things I must be missing in my life, he said something in response that hit me like a ton of bricks.

I ended up hiring a coach within a month of this conversation.

He said, "it's not MY fault you're not doing with YOUR life what you want, it's yours".

Now for a person who loved to throw out statements like "it's called Personal Responsibility people!", I was totally struck. It was absolutely true, I was the only one responsible for the state of my life. 

Enter the coach...

Okay, so I had the epiphany. My life is my creation, my responsibility. Now what? I literally had no idea what to do next so I started to Google and found Life Coaching.

The coach I resonated with, talked about how we create our feelings with our thoughts and the results in our lives come from those thoughts and feelings we created...and wait for it...No MATTER WHAT the circumstances are. It's our thoughts that create everything we perceive in our lives.

BOOM!! Mic drop, holy shit.

EVERYTHING! Just with how we choose to think.

Now I would like to say my life changed over night and in some ways it did, but mostly, I had a lot of work ahead of me.


This is the work we will do together. We will look at how you are thinking and what you are creating in your life. We will upgrade things and rearrange things, and create a life that is true for you. We will remove the "others" we try to please from our heads and we will learn to please ourselves.

This is not selfish, it's self-esteem.

What are you waiting for?

Let's get started.

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